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About PhotoSt0ry©

What can we say… we are a bunch of fun-loving, erratic, eccentric, unconventional artists who are in love with what we do! We can easily laugh at ourselves. We would go to unchartered heights just to be able to capture what our inner eye has visualised for us. We like to be different!

We get our inspiration from every person, object, event, dog or cat we have photographed and strive to work better and harder with each day that passes us by.

Photography is our life. You could even say that it is our secret to staying young (at heart). We never let a special moment pass without capturing it. We turn every funny moment into a kaleidoscope of humorous collage that you can keep and look back into and say “What great fun we had that day!”.

Our style is very creative, relaxed, no getting bored, no unnatural poses, just who you are and what you are and the beauty that lies within you.

To us, taking photos is not just a job, but to get to know you, witness your happiness, growth, success or grief and record them as your valuable memories on the photos that touch more than your heart. PhotoSt0ry© was set up because we like to share our skills and experiences to our fans and clients and also spread our creativity and reach out to more friends out there!

The Photographers

Hanks developed passion in photography because of its intrinsic nature. Behind every captured image reveals the story of a lifetime. Although camera equipment plays an important role in photography, not all moments captured could be the same due to the differing perspectives of the photographers. Hanks believes in delivering the best to his clients without compromising much of the creativity and innovation element. The passion he holds for this job is evident from the many portfolios showcased in this website where he meticulously and professionally captured the essence of the photo-story. With so much love for this job, it’s no wonder why many clients have paid compliments for his work.


Hanz’s first encounter with photography was during his 3 years Multimedia program in University of South Australia. He was intrigued by the myriads of images that could be generated from the little black “square-box”. Capturing wacky and fun-filled jump-shots are his specialty. He believes in bringing the inner-most childlike feelings and expressions from his clients as that is regarded as most natural. The images captured exudes vibrancy and energy, as evidenced from the sample portfolios. Hanz derives satisfaction from the smiles displayed on his clients’ face upon reviewing the photoshoots. He believes he could be the ‘story-teller’ who spin the timeless and vivid tales for his clients’ life journeys.