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Have a look through our list of frequently asked questions about Corporate or PR photography.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I select the best photographer for my project?

Most commercial photographers have areas of specialisation, so make sure that whomever you use has the experience, skill and equipment for the particular task at hand. A professional will tell you if they are not the right person for your assignment.

Factors to consider in your decision should be:

* Creative talent
* Experience
* Professionalism
* Compatibility
* Appropriate equipment
* Enthusiasm

How can I get the most out of my location photography project?

* Be clear about your objectives
* Meet on site
* Allow enough time
* Communicate with all your team
* Remember that the quality of your photographs is a reflection of your image as well.

How do commercial photographers charge?

Most people understand the importance of accurately defining the scope of any type of work in order to come up with a realistic fee, so it will come as no surprise that as much detail as possible about an assignment is needed before an estimate can be given.

What other costs are involved besides the actual photography time?

These will vary with each project but may include:

* pre-production costs
* post-production costs
* assistant’s fees and travel expenses
* rental fees for special equipment
* stylist’s and make up artist’s charges
* location access fees
* talent fees
* special insurance costs

To get an idea of budget, what should I ask for?

Make sure you are clear what you are asking for.

A quotation will have a bottom line that includes all the factors needed to create the images you need for the purpose you have outlined.

How can I ensure the best value for my budget?

Don’t just compare prices. Compare the style and the professional way in which the work will be undertaken. With professional photography you get what you pay for.

There will always be someone willing to photograph your project for less, but look for value, not price. Professional expertise and experience will save you money in the long run.

Who owns the copyright to my project’s photographs?

Under Singapore copyright law, as creator of the images the photographer own the copyright in any images they make and the usual practice is to license the use of the pictures to you as the client by agreement.

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