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Planning an event but with a loads of questions. We sat down and thought to ourselves what if we were in your shoes.

We have prepared a selection of our frequently asked questions with a brief answer to aid in your overview of our service.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What's 'Live Photography' and why use it?

Live photography is a value-added service beyond the normal use of photography as a mean to capture moments that last a lifetime. Live photography allows you to put in place entertainment value for your guests through visual entertainment and interaction. In present context, hosting an event is not just about what your event/function is all about but being able to engage your guests at the same time. It is also important to make your event a memorable one among your guests, standing out among the many such functions they attend each year. Live photography is also being used as a form of branding and advertising for companies and brands looking to stand out as a people brand.

What kind of instant photo printing services does PhotoSt0ry© provide?

Roaming Photography
Photographer will be moving around the cocktail reception area and ballroom/restaurant proactively approaching your guests for photo taking

Instant Photo Booth
A white backdrop and studio lights will be provided, a photographer will be stationed there. This will allow consistency in lightings and photo quality.

Why engage PhotoSt0ry©?

We pride ourselves to capture great moments with bespoke customised border designs and high quality photocards made to last. This has been gathered from feedback given to us by our clients that we provide one of the best quality prints in the market.

  • Friendly and service oriented staff
  • Printers are calibrated and colours are balanced to give natural skin tones
  • Unlimited shots with personalised filmstrips/ 4R printouts
  • Bespoke customised template designs
  • Premium photo paper with matte finish
  • High resolution prints
  • Rich, vivid colours
How does our Mobile Photo Booth works?

You will be asking “All mobile photobooth providers seems to be the same.” However, we beg to differ. All photobooth started with an interactive photographer snapping photos of guests. In recent trends, many of them had moved into a box-style booth which comprises of a computer screen in front of your guests and upon the 3, 2, 1 countdown, the photo is then taken.

​We decided that since it is to be a fun thing, why take it away when our interactive photographer can interact and crack some occasional jokes to spruce up your event at our photobooth. We are different and we choose fun over automation. 🙂

How many photographers and printer do we need?

It depends on the scale and nature of your event. Normally we will have 1 professional photographer with 1-2 assistants onsite.

As we believe in providing the best service for customer satisfaction, having up to 2 assistants onsite will ensure that we are able to provide a high quality service for your event.

Will each of my guests whose photo is taken, receive a copy of the photocard?

Yes, each of the guests in the photo will recieve a copy of the photocard.

What are your print size and how many prints do you provide?

Our photo prints are 4R sized and will be given to each guest that appears on the single photo. (i.e. 3 guests in one photo, we will do 3 prints of the same photo). Having said that, we do not have a cap on the number of prints, it is simply unlimited. So take more photos and return home with more prints.

Will I be able to get a soft copy of the photocard prints?

Yes, complimentary soft copies will be transferred into a DVD in 300 dpi and passed to you within 4-5 weeks after the event.

Does PhotoSt0ry© provide customization for the photocards?

Definitely, we do. In fact, each event to us is special and we never reuse any templates.
All templates are based on your event’s theme (if any) and your specifications to us. We take pride in creating the one-of-the-kind photo template for each individual client.

Come to us with your ideas and we will turn them into reality. This service is included in all our Mobile Photobooth and/or Roaming Photography package. You will not be charge further for it.

We would like to engage PhotoSt0ry© for our corporate event, Dinner and Dance, Birthday Party, Baby Showers. Do you provide for this non-wedding event?

Every event is important to us. You call for us, we will be there for you. We want to capture your moments and print them into photo memories.

How far should we book in advance?

Bookings are advised to be made at least 3-4 weeks in advance, but if you are certain of your date, it would be great to book us early due to overflowing responses we may get on popular dates and weekends.

How much does it cost to engage your various services?

No events is all the same. Each has its own uniqueness therefore we would love to hear from you about your event first. We will always strive to deliver quality services to meet the needs of our clients at affordable prices. Check out our ‘Live Photography’ packages for more details! For pricing and other enquiries, feel free to contact us.