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Live Photography

Be it your wedding, your social occasions or your corporate events, PhotoSt0ry© provides ‘Live’ photography solutions by our experienced photographers, merging technology and photography to create the most memorable and beautiful experience for you and your guests.

All photographs taken will sync wirelessly and seamlessly to the printer. Guest will be able to receive, almost immediately, card sized photographs taken with the hosts or other guests during the service.

What do we offer:

Unlimited shots with personalised photocards

Leave a lasting impression on your guests with our 4R size printouts that combine tasteful design with personalised messages. Not only will you capture your day’s unforgettable moments, you will also provide hours of fun for your guests.

Great Portraits! Not just snapshots

We are foremost a photography company, meaning we treat all our Photo booth Instant Print photos with the same care to composition and lighting. Using our professional lighting setup for instant print; usually reserved for studio fashion photography, we strive to bring you great pictures.

4R and Filmstrips sized printouts

We offer 4R and filmstrips sized photo prints with our High-speed Photo printer providing 10-bit color performance with quality Glossy/Matte Photos; not normal printer paper.

Bespoke picture frames

We will design and customise the design for you, or you can tell us the design you want! We guarantee no two picture frames are the same.

Wireless Transmitting

Using WIFI enabled DSLRs, photos are wirelessly transmitted to our graphic artist who will make sure everyone looks good before printing.

Instant upload photos to Facebook

Entertain your guests and customers with real-time upload of photos to your Facebook page. Provide real-time updates for your friends/relatives who are unable to attend your event.

Our Packages
Package A
  • Suitable for 150 guests
  • Unlimited Quality Printouts
  • 2 Hours Engagement
  • 1 Senior Photographer
  • 1 Digital Prints Artist
  • 1 High Speed Quality Printer
  • Customised Photo Borders
  • All Hi-Res photos returned in DVD
  • Instant Upload to Facebook
  • Photo Delivery Service
Package C
  • Suitable for 500 guests
  • Unlimited Quality Printouts
  • 4 Hours Engagement
  • 2 Senior Photographers
  • 2 Digital Prints Artists
  • 2 High Speed Quality Printers
  • Customised Photo Borders
  • All Hi-Res Photos Returned in DVD
  • Instant Upload to Facebook
  • Photo Delivery Service