July 12, 2014

“Being married is the nicest thing to be.”

Hann Yang + May

Photost0ry is proud to be engaged to capture the love story of Hann Yang and May. The crew had brought the couple to the lovely and beautifully landscaped Hort Park of Singapore. Although we were shooting under the blazing sun, the photo results were great. Both Hann Yang and May were very spontaneous with all kinds of… poses suggested by Photost0ry; they gamely lie down on the hard pavement rocks in the park not afraid of dirtying their pretty clothes.

The spirit of the couple were not dampened by the occasional rain; instead we were more spirited and raring to capture more pictures. The crew and the couple had a great time on the outdoor shoot and Photost0ry team sincerely wish the couple happy forever and all the best to their coming customary wedding in September 2010.